Three Types of Air Conditioning Units

When most people think of air conditioning, they picture their room or the smaller spaces in their car or home, such as a garage. It is usually how it is usually perceived, but air conditioning can be found in much larger spaces. Central air conditioning (or AC) is the common term used to describe various types of air conditioning that circulate the same cool air throughout a building. Most buildings have central air conditioning as a standard feature, but some have optional systems installed, such as window or unit units. All types share the primary function of keeping a building’s temperature regulated, but many different types provide specific functions and features.

air conditioning MelbourneThe most commonly known types of air conditioners are air conditioners with heat pump outputs. Heat pump air conditioners circulate cool air through return and ventilation ducts. Supply ducts, usually located on the upper walls or floors, bring cooled air back into the house and then to the air conditioners, where it is reheated before being sent back to the rest of the house. This cooling and heating method are very efficient in homes where multiple persons occupy one room or space.

Window types in air conditioning Melbourne are air conditioning that allows the room to be open for cooling purposes even while the window is closed. These types of units are usually powered by electricity and come in two basic styles, a vertical and a horizontal style. Both styles have ductwork that brings the air conditioning into the room, but only the vertical model has a heat pump. This type of unit is best suited to cooling small areas such as a bedroom or office. However, since the vertical unit takes up more vertical space than horizontal ones, these air conditioners are more expensive and often more difficult to maintain.

Another common air conditioner is the portable air conditioner, a window air conditioner, which comes in both horizontal and vertical varieties. A popular type of window air conditioner is a floor-standing unit at Other types of this type of unit are portable units and tabletop air conditioners. Both of these types, the floor standing and tabletop air conditioners, need to be installed professionally because their installation involves complicated plumbing and electrical systems. They are also, though, more cost-efficient than window air conditioners.

The third air conditioning unit is the central air conditioning unit, sometimes called a full system air conditioning unit. These units are most often used in business establishments and hospitals, and they offer better indoor air quality due to their complex design. Central air conditioning units use refrigerant to dehumidify the air and distribute it through the building’s various ventilation systems. In some instances, the system uses an air compressor to boost the dehumidification capacity of the unit. A professional technician most commonly installs central air conditioning units.

Air conditioners offer many benefits to their owners and users. Air conditioning has a long history of helping people control their environments by keeping them comfortable. Different types of air conditioning are available for other uses. Depending on your needs, you should have a technician from examine your existing unit to determine the best solution.