Employer Sponsored Migration

An employer-sponsored migration is a visa that allows a foreign national to work in Australia. This type of visa allows an employer to recruit overseas personnel to meet specific project needs. Employers in all industries need overseas workers to meet their project commitments. We have worked with employers in various industries, from small to large corporations and publicly listed companies. You can learn about this type of visa in this article. We also have information on its requirements and limitations.


employer sponsored migration SAThere are several limitations of employer sponsored migration. First, the firms that screen incoming migrants have a great deal of power, and the aspiring immigrants can become too dependent on these firms in their origin nation. Firms can use the promise of a greater reward to swindle the aspiring migrants, requiring them to pay recruitment fees and kickbacks or even acquire debt. These risks can lead to undesirable outcomes for aspiring migrants and undermine employer-sponsored migration’s overall benefits. Learn more information by visiting https://www.migrationsolutions.com.au/corporate-and-business/rsms-visa. 


Most employers sponsor foreign workers through labour certification, commonly known as PERM. The process involves a series of job advertisements and attestations that no workers have applied for the position. Once this process has been completed, the employer can contact immigration authorities. Failure to cover the costs of labour certification can lead to fines and punishments from the Department of Labor. Therefore, employers need to assess these costs before pursuing sponsorship.

There are considerable costs involved with employer-sponsored migration, and it is crucial to understand what these expenses may entail. First, the employer is expected to pay a SAF levy. This levy applies to businesses with an annual turnover under $10 million. Second, sponsors who wish to train their employees in Australian skills require a levy. While this levy is mainly insignificant compared to other employer-sponsored immigration, it can be substantial, so calculating the total costs of sponsoring a foreign employee can be difficult.


Employer-sponsored migration is an immigration option available to Australian employers, allowing them to bring in skilled migrants to fill a labour shortage. There are different types of visas available under this program, each tailored to meet the employer’s needs. Some options are temporary visas, while others may be permanent. In either case, Taylor Made Immigration can assist with the visa application. Read on to learn more about employer-sponsored migration and the different visa options available.

The Employer Sponsored Migration Program is a fantastic way to come to Australia. It is a great way to show your skills and experience to an employer and allows you to explore your future homeland. However, choosing the right option is essential for a successful application. The options listed above are the most common. Contact a migration expert today to learn more.


If you’re considering moving to Australia temporarily, you should know the employer sponsored migration requirements. These visas can benefit international workers with the necessary educational and professional experience. Moreover, they can offer an excellent salary to foreign workers. That’s why many employers choose to sponsor these international workers. Listed below are the requirements for employer-sponsored migration. Read on to know more about this visa program. Learn more information by visiting https://www.migrationsolutions.com.au/corporate-and-business/rsms-visa.

To qualify for an employer-sponsored visa, your principal applicant should be under 45 years old and hold a permanent job in Australia. This job does not necessarily need to be in the same position as when the employer began the sponsorship process. It simply needs to be a permanent role. Besides that, you should be an exceptional talent with special skills needed by your company. For example, you may be a multinational executive specialising in a specific field.

Application process

The employer sponsored migration process involves sponsoring a foreign worker seeking permanent residence. Before this can be done, the foreign worker must complete several immigration processes that can take months to years. This article will outline the entire employer-sponsored migration process, including what to expect at each step, how to expedite the process, and more. Read on to learn more about applying for an employer-sponsored green card.

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