What Is a Bale Wrapper?

A bale wrap is a farm implement for wrapping bales in plastic to store hay. It’s made to prevent mould and fungus growth in bales. The machine will wrap a large number of bales at once. These bales can be either straw, silage, or hay. It’s must-have equipment for any farm. Read on to learn more about the bale wrapper.

Silage wrap

bale wrapA silage wrap is a durable material for wrapping bales, preventing oxygen from entering the bale. There are various types of silage wraps on the market. Choose the right one depending on your needs and the type of bale you are wrapping. Choose the right width and length for the bale, and choose a wrap that can withstand various types of weather. A triple-layer silage wrap offers exceptional air and water-tightness and is compatible with all high-performance wrappers.

Depending on the type of hay, the timing of wrapping may vary from two to 48 hours. For example, a 24-hour delay in wrapping will likely cause a minimal impact on the fermentation and quality of the finished silage. However, a 24-hour delay in wrapping may not be enough to avoid the risks of spontaneous heating. So, it’s best to follow the recommendations of your local agronomist when wrapping bales.


The RaniWrap bale wrap is an excellent way to protect the forage in a bale from moisture and damage. It is produced by Rani Plast, one of the world’s largest agricultural film manufacturers. The film is manufactured with strict quality control, and its properties have been developed and refined over the past 40 years. Its superior application ensures that the forage retains its nutritional value and is protected from damage caused by UV radiation.

A multilayer stretch film known as RaniWrap protects the quality of a bale from damage during transport. The film is made in Finland by Rani Plast, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural film. It can be purchased separately or as part of a round baler. The wrapper helps maintain the nutritional value of the forage bale. Several of the round balers now feature built-in wrappers.


When looking for a high-quality bale wrap, SiloFlex is a great option. Its multilayer stretch film offers superior tear resistance and UV protection. It is a great choice for round and in-line bale wrappers and is available in both Green and White. The recommended storage time for SiloFlex is 12 months. It also has a low price, which makes it an economical choice.

The film is made with UV-resistant Polycrop technology and is produced under ISO 9001 quality standards. The stretchable film is highly resistant to UV degradation and is designed to provide airtight, durable protection. This is important to keep bales from dust and debris and prevent pest attacks. The film should be stretched to at least 50% overwrap. The film should also be stretched to a minimum of four layers for optimal results.

Ultra 5

The utmost strength and puncture resistance of an Ultra 5 bale wrap make it the perfect film for individual big square bales. This film is extruded in 5 layers and features special resin technology. The Ultra 5 film has outstanding cling properties and excellent UV protection. Its tough design provides trouble-free performance in high-speed wrapping operations. In addition, Ultra 5 bale wraps are recyclable and biodegradable.

The team also developed a food-safe bale wrap that can be used with existing machinery. The team has studied the problem of rabbits and rodents eating bale wrap but has not yet field tested it. While the students have made great strides in developing an edible bale wrap, it is too early to evaluate whether it is a good option for growing crops. The students have already applied for a Canadian patent and are in talks with a manufacturing company to commercialize the product.


If you’re looking for an easy, effective way to wrap hay or bales, you may want to try a new bale wrap made of stretch plastic. SunFilm bale wrap is engineered to reduce breakage from stiff grasses without compromising strength, UV durability, or tack. This plastic has won the hearts of hay and bale wrap manufacturers worldwide. The film is manufactured by AEP, a leading US manufacturer of polyethylene products.

The reflective white film stretches to form a tight airtight tension seal around the bale. This helps to maintain feed quality and reduce storage costs. In addition, it prevents moisture from escaping and bugs from attacking your bales. Designed for a full growing season, this film will also help you keep hay and bales free of spoilage. If you’re looking for a bale wrap that won’t lose quality and last a long time, SunFilm is a good choice.

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